Friday, May 30, 2014

The Frugal Fridays. Gearing up for the new month.

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Hello, my dazzling friends,

How's your Friday? Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Are you ready for summer???

I can't believe it's almost June. We have only 4 days of school left, and this Mom is a lot more excited about it than my kid. I'm a weirdo this way - I love to spend time with my boys. I know, I might change my mind by the time they hit puberty but I'll enjoy it while I can :)

We are trying to gear up for the first summer month financially too. We had our big budget meeting today, and let me tell you - it will be painful! We have our getaway for just the two of us coming up at the end of the month (we are going to San Francisco, baby... I can't wait! We desperately need it). But there are some other big expenses coming up. We have a big doctor's appointment for our dog coming up - he needs shots, heart worm meds etc. He also needs to be groomed 'cause he's getting really shaggy. Also our minivan needs emission and registration, and last year's registration alone was $170. Grrrr!

So yeah, it aint' pretty, it will be one expensive month. With this in mind, we decided to try to keep all the other expenses on the low side. My boys desperately need some pajama pants but I might look into cheaper fabric to make them. The grocery budget will also stay the same for now. We will be really tracking every penny to see where it takes us. Hopefully, with warmer weather the produce will get cheaper, and we’ll be able to stick to lighter meals and lots of salads.

We do not anticipate putting anything into savings but, hopefully, we won’t need to dig into savings either. Keeping fingers crossed!

On the other hand, I managed to tuck away $310 in May. It’s not quite the $400 that I wanted but it still puts us up to $3910 in savings out of our yearly goal of $10000. Not bad at all!


  1. Great savings that you've been accumulating. Looks like your goal is very reachable!!

  2. It sounds like you guys have a good plan to get through the month! It's nice when you can see what expenses you have coming up and have a plan in place to get everything done.
    Have a great time on your trip- it sounds wonderful and I know you guys deserve a nice vacation. :)
    My son has 5 more days left til summer break. I am looking forward to the more laid-back schedule but I know it's going to be busier for me at the same time. I am trying to come up with a list of things to do to keep the kids busy. Good luck with your sewing! I am trying to get that done too- my sewing machine broke so all my sewing is being done by hand right now- you would laugh at how long it takes me to make a pair of pajama pants- haha!
    Great job with the savings, Lena! You are doing awesome! :)

  3. I loved it when my kids were home in the summer and hated it when they went back to school. Also watch carpeting and heavy drapes for allergens. This is why I have all hard wood and linoleum thorough out house. Also no heavy drapes just blinds and maybe a simple valance that is easily washed. Dust mites lurk in carpet, on curtains and furniture that is really nappy.

  4. I was always happy when school was out. Then it was our family's time to decide how we wanted to spend our time not the teachers and their homework. Have a fun summer!


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