Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Pinterest-inpsired "aha" moment...

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Our house has a semi-open plan. We don't have one big room but there is a small hall that connects the living room and the kitchen. On the right in this hall there is half-bath (the one we remodeled on a super-low budget last year). It's very convenient for guests:

 photo IMG_1076_zpsda287901.jpg

And yes, next to the door is our new command center that we still love and use it every single day. On the left we have a tiny coat closet:

 photo IMG_1077_zps4bdb580c.jpg

I can't tell you how many times somebody tried to go in there instead of the bathroom! Just ask my best friend :)

The other day I saw this cute idea on Pinterest, and a light bulb lit in my head. Candice found those wooden figures in Michaels. You can imagine that I immediately sprinted there and spent good 40 minutes fruitlessly looking for the "boy" and the "girl". I guess, it wasn't their stellar item because they don't carry it any more.

My crafty soul felt dissatisfied... And then I had another "aha" moment when I saw a black foam sheet... For only 89c. I grabbed it and ran home...

I printed the outlines of the icons off of mister Google Image and traced and cut them with an exacto knife. I can't drag the explanation any further :) It really took me about 10 minutes tops. The best part is that the foam paper has a sticky side, so all I had to do was trace-cut-attach. They are easy to remove and not gonna bother the next family when we decide to sell this place. But for now I love them:

 photo IMG_1081_zps0cd5d58d.jpg

I do sacrifice some entertainment here watching my best friend trying to break into our closet every time but I think she and some other people will appreciate this new addition to the bathroom door:)

 photo IMG_1084_zps41f04e70.jpg

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  1. Very cute! That's brilliant Lena

  2. Such a simple and fun idea. Did you boys have any comments about them?

  3. So simple! So cute! I love this idea.

  4. HA! I love it!!! Sooo cute, Lena! Great idea and definitely an addition to make everyone smile when they see the bathroom door! :)

  5. Awesome, it's too perfect! Love, love, love it.

  6. What did we do before Pinterest?!!! Love it!

  7. Clever idea! My guests typically try to use my bedroom. I know I have a Southern accent, but I don't think down the hall first door on the left sounds anything like door at the end of the hall. Maybe it's just me though. I will try something similar on the powder room door and see if it helps!

  8. that is awesome! we actually also have the bathroom door right next to the hall closet door. Same problem here. I see a project coming. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Ya gotta love Pinterest! I get many great ideas from there - for home and school. Very cute Lena!

  10. Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest! We have a cupboard next to our little downstairs toilet too so about 10 years ago my daughter made a sign out of hama beads, it's still there! (yours is cuter but we wont tell her that!)


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