Wednesday, June 25, 2014

On decluttering and the baby stuff...

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Now that I'm slowly getting back to being a somewhat functional human being, I jumped back on the decluttering wagon again. In fact, now clutter bugs me even more. It drives me insane!! I feel like I want to get rid of everything in sight and have bare walls that are easy to clean... In the past 2-3 weeks I've been throwing away or donating bags and bags of things - kitchen supplies, clothes, shoes, and old bags. And then papers. Lots and lots of old papers (yeah, who knows why I kept those school papers from 7 years ago...)

One thing that really inspires me is my trips to Goodwill. I've found a few cute maternity pieces there for a fraction of the price. Just because I'm pregnant, doesn't mean I should wear parachute-size shirts. Not yet, at least. I want this to be my cutest pregnancy yet since I am heavier than I ever was before with either of my pregnancies (hello, hypothyroidism!) and I'm not gonna get any smaller :)

I digress... But every time I go to Goodwill or even pass by the store, I try to take a few bags in. It helps to keep our house in order and hey, they give you a 20% coupon when you donate. Win-win in my book. My husband gently laughs at me that I'm already in a nesting mood. No, honey, not yet, I'm in the "decrappifying your hole" mood instead. I also got a nice pile of things in the garage that I want to list for sale on classifieds in July. Hopefully, I can make a little money to offset some babies' expenses.

Talking about those expenses, I'm yet to start buying anything for the little ones. I'm paranoid this way... Well, I did pick up a few packs of diapers on sale with coupons but nothing else really. But the other day I stumbled upon a nice deal on the local Facebook classifieds that I just couldn't pass by. I got My Breast Friend Twins Plus Nursing Pillow with an extra cover in very decent condition:

 photo IMG_1199_zps9bbcd7f8.jpg

 It was only $25. Last time I looked on Amazon, it was $79 (they lowered the price to $56 since but the covers are still $26). So I think it's a steal! Honestly, I'm not sure I'm even gong to breastfeed. I wasn't too successful with my other two kids but, as usual, I'm willing to give it a try. And if I don't end up using it, I can always turn around and sell it back for the same price. So consider it my first official  baby purchase :)

OK, did this summer inspire you to do any decluttering in your house?


  1. Good for you! This will make life much easier when you have 4 pairs of little feet.
    Yes, I am decluttering!

  2. I honestly have not been. We are in the weird position of keeping all baby stuff because we might have one more.

  3. Oh yes!!! I finally have the time to get back to cleaning out the house. If I could just find a good deal on a dump truck to park out back I would be all set. Congrats on your first baby purchase. Our girls found breast feeding to be too time consuming so they use a pump. We rented it from the hospital as they seem to be so much better than even the high dollar ones in the stores. The cool part is they can leave the babies all day if need be once they build up a good stock of frozen milk.

  4. You might want to contact the La Leche League about breast feeding before the babies are born. They were a great help to me with the second one after having a lot of problems breastfeeding with the first one.

  5. Hey, I thought decrappifying was MY word. lol I too have been decluttering and trying to sell stuff. I hope you have better luck selling yours.

  6. Being pregnant has inspired us to declutter... We're still trying to decide if we're going to move or stay put before Hannah arrives, and we've got so. much. stuff. I've been successful at selling some on Craigslist, and I hope to sell a bit more next week {Lord willing, fingers crossed}... Anyway. I really wanted to comment about that pillow you found... I've never looked at the prices, but a good friend of mine had twin girls two years ago and LOVED that pillow. Like, she lived in it. Almost literally. Every time I went to her house {which was three or four times a week, as I was a mommy's helper}, she was wearing it! Of course, she did breastfeed exclusively. Anyway. Just wanted to share that it looks like you made a GREAT investment. Hope you have a great weekend... It sounds like you're getting your energy back a bit. Keep it up, sweet mama - and get rest too!


  7. Interesting product, never heard of anything like that! My sister does breastfed, but I just figured the twins will have to take turns. I do need to start picking up diapers on sale...

  8. We are decluttering this summer for a big move. Feels great. Sorry for being nosy - but are you treating the hypothyroidism? I know when mine was untreated (first diagnosed) and when my med dose is no longer right - I really gained weight, it was had to take off and I was just so tired. None are good but I can't even imagine being pregnant and dealing with that.

  9. I need to get back into the decluttering and I'm so behind in that yearly goal. When I was pregnant with L we got all our equipment second hand. It saved us a fortune.

  10. A couple days ago my 15 y.o. daughter got bit by the decluttering but (yaaayyy!) and decided to go through her entire room....closet, dresser, desk, room decorations, jewelry box, EVERYTHING. I can't tell you how much we donated because it's embarrassing. But oh how I feel cleansed!


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