Saturday, July 19, 2014

The diamond in the rough...

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Hello, hello, my lovely friends!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Ours is chock full of fun with family and friends. I really enjoy spending time with them but, man, this girl is exhausted! I can barely drag my feet today...

But I know I promised to tell you how much I spent for the dresser :) No Terri, it wasn't free :)

Last week we all went to Toys R Us to use my oldest son's Birthday coupon (the perks of signing the kids up for the Birthday Club - $5 to spend on anything). But very close to Toys R Us is my favorite Goodwill. Of course, I couldn't pass it up :)

Before I knew it, I was in the furniture department.  And here it was... my diamond in the rough. For the most unbelievable price. (insert drum rolls, please!!):

 photo IMG_1337_zps00ffb223.jpg

Yep, just $5.99 (Cindy, you were the closest with your guess on Facebook :) I couldn't believe my eyes at first. Score! I immediately called my husband and told him that we are getting it. To sweeten the deal even further - even though it was super-sweet already - I used a 20% coupon that I got after donating a bunch of stuff to them, so in reality I only paid $4.69 for it. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, it's very solid though does need a bit of help. But all of it is cosmetic, and I can see this piece lasting us for years and years to come.

And this is my major score for the month :)

And did you get any good deals lately, whether in a grocery store, from thrift stores or classifieds, or, maybe, yard sales??


  1. Love it! You can make a cute pad for the top. I saw some really nice handles at Habitat for Humanity store. Do you have one there? Check it out!

  2. This is the best sort of buy Lena!!! It makes you feel so good,don't you think? I actually picked up something that was by the dustbin the other week .....mmmm think it might make a good topic for a post!

    How are the little ones ?

    keep well

    Amanda x

  3. Wow, what a great price! None of the thrift stores around here ever have furniture that cheap. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  4. Great find! I finally found a dresser for my DD who moved back in with me, i spent a year doing so, and had a $100 budget. Thrilled to get a wood one for $75 and located right here in town. Tapped the shoulder of my firend with a Suburban and my older son to move it out of the seller's home, and into mine. See my blog for a picture:

  5. Nice, Lena!! What a great deal!! :)

  6. I am speechless...What a fantastic deal.... and I know you will make it look awesome.....Can't wait to see the finished project.....((((HUGS))))

  7. Wow that is great, I'm so glad you were able to get such a great deal. I'm sure you will do a terrific job sprucing it up, I am always amazed by your talent with things like that!

  8. That is an awesome bargain! Look forward to seeing the finished dresser :)

  9. Josh used his Toys R Us bday coupon and with 80% off clearance, he got three things for $0.21!

  10. I knew the price would be low but this is amazing, I am so happy for you!


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