Sunday, August 17, 2014

In case you were wondering...

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I'm not good at taking maternity pictures. I think I only had a couple with each of my boys. And I did the JC Penney version maternity shoot with my first and if those weren't the only pictures of that period that I have (we didn't own a camera back then), I would probably burn them...

But in case you were wondering, that's what 23 weeks with twins look like :) Granted, it's 3# and #4 for me so I popped out a little quicker this time around:

 photo IMG_1407-1_zps1e881f99.jpg

This pregnancy has been quite bearable so far (other than the fact that I'm measuring about 6-7 weeks further along that contributes slightly to my duckling swagger...). I'm still quite active and I'm yet to use a motorized cart at Walmart... So I try to enjoy it while I can :) I will have a ton of tests and another big ultrasound done in about three weeks but so far both my regular OB and my high-risk doctor are pretty pleased. The little ones are active and busy and really don't like when I put elbows on my belly while reading :)

So yeah, I thought I would take a picture since so many of you asked how I was doing (and so many people in my world are wondering how soon until I pop...)

And how was your Sunday, my friends??


  1. You're looking fabulous, Lena

  2. You look great! And very pregnant! Fingers crossed for uneventful tests and continued stamina.

  3. You look great Lena! Healthy and active. Keep up the good work growing those sweet babies!!

    Our Sunday is usually quiet but this week, we took Saturday off and enjoyed the day and yesterday was a full day of working on this house so we can move to the new one. Packing, painting, purging and then finally a lovely turkey dinner cooked by my husband. Reading, watching "The Butler" and then early to bed as we were tired. Great day!

  4. You look great!

  5. I have very few pictures of myself pregnant, which is rather crazy given that I have done it 4 times.......

    You look beautiful and am glad to hear that things are going well!

  6. Oh my goodness! Look at that cute little belly! Lena, you look absolutely radiant and beautiful! So glad to hear that all is going well and those little munchkins are active and busy. Thanks for sharing the update and the picture! Love and Prayers to you, my friend. XOXO

  7. You look wonderful! And I love your dress.

  8. Love your dress Lena! You look fantastic!

  9. You look great!!
    So glad that you are feeling ok!

  10. Lena, you look awesome! You are all in the does that mean boy? I can never remember all those wives' tales...

  11. Glad everything's going well! This look definitely suits you, but it will suit you even better surrounded by your future and current kiddos!

  12. Aw, you look great! Glad you're feeling as well too!


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