Monday, August 18, 2014

Food waste and a menu, week 8/18-8/24.

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Because we spent a good portion of last week on a vacation, we didn't have that much food waste. Would be nice if we didn't have any but alas. These were bagels from our trip that got moldy before we had a chance to finish them:

 photo IMG_1405-1_zps7089574b.jpg

I also threw away a bad potato from our potato basket and a small box of raspberries. That was the saddest food waste because we all LOVE raspberries here. They looked really good but, I think, they were already getting moldy when I got them :( Meee...

I do want to try extra-hard to avoid food waste this week. When we came back home, my first impulse was to go and buy some fresh produce because we left our fridge literally bare before the vacation. But then I went to our garden and realized we had more than enough in our own back yard:

 photo IMG_1399-1_zps64f4925a.jpg

Definitely won't need any produce for a few days:) My tomatoes are coming in very slowly but I picked enough for a salad this week. We also have plenty of kale to add to the salad too.

Our goal in the next couple of weeks is to work through a good portion of what we have in the freezer. I want to make a bunch of freezer meals before the babies come. I did it with my second, and it was life-saving for us! I already started to line up the recipes on Pinterest (yum!!).

So this week on our menu so far:

Mon.- breakfast for dinner (eggs, hash browns, turkey bacon, smoothies)
Tues.- vegetarian burgers, potato chips (leftovers from the vacation)
Wed.- pasta with ham, mushrooms and peas (almost everything from the freezer)
Thurs.- fried potatoes with chicken, green salad
Fr.- Church picnic
Sat.- leftovers/ zucchini mini-quiches
Sun.- salmon, rice, stewed cabbage

What are you eating this week? And what is your favorite frozen meal recipe?


  1. I feel your pain. I have a container of blueberries I'm going to pick through to get rid of the moldy ones then the rest will go into a smoothie. My favourite freezer meal is sitting on the counter thawing right now, funny you should ask! It's homemade soup - I always make a big pot so I can freeze a bunch, then when there's nothing in the fridge I want to eat I can defrost some soup! Nice bunch of veggies you've got there - I eat a LOT of zucchini!

    1. Me too! I cook them, freeze them, can... you name it!

      I went through the box of raspberries but, unfortunately, the ones that still looked good, already tasted moldy. Kind of disappointing :(

  2. Favorite things to have In the freezer are homemade spaghetti sauce, chili and taco meat. They are not complete meals but while they heat, it is easy to put together the rest of the meal.

  3. I have a hit miss with bagels and pastries... most times they get used, but it's so sad when they go bad, because mold seems to spread SUPER fast, even when in the fridge. Then it makes me sad and upset, so I go buy some more without really considering if I'll actually use it that time. Oops. Maybe that's why I do better with low-carb diets...

  4. Raspberries! I have a love/hate relationship with them ;) My boys LOVE them, and most of the time they're gone with in a couple days. In fact one time, as I was carrying in groceries... I came in to find all three sitting there together with an empty raspberry container. They ate them all, in like a minute. I can't tell you how many times I inspect the berries, open the container, etc... then when I pull them out later that day or just the next day... they're moldy! It's frustrating!


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