Monday, January 7, 2013

Food waste and a menu, week 1/7-1/13. So not my day...

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I've been doing pretty good with food waste in the past few weeks/months and even around Christmas but today definitely topped it all, in a bad way!

First, I threw away this:


Believe me it looks better than it tasted :( At the beginning of last week I decided to make some stuffed shells and realized too late that I was pretty much out of cheese. So I found a recipe online for a "healthier" version - well, they looked and smelled pretty good but tasted gross :( I actually got terrible heartburn from them too, not sure why. Nobody liked them at all, even spruced up with some extra cheese on top. The whole recipe was off. So they were sitting in the fridge until...well, until they didn't look or smell that good anymore :( So here goes our first food waste.

And second was this:


Half a container of brown rice :( When we re-did our PANTRY, I put everything into nicely sealed containers. But we had too much rice left, so I just left it in this cereal container that is not made to close as tight. And I found bugs in it this afternoon. I'm not a happy camper right now :( SIGH...

And this week we are eating:

Mon.- chicken curry, brown rice (from a different container!), veggies
Tues.- broccoli cheese soup (bumped from last week), homemade bread
Wed.- salmon, couscous, baked zucchinis and carrots
Thurs.- breakfast for dinner
Fr.- meatballs, mashed potatoes, salad
Sun.- vegetable soup, cheese quesadillas

What's on your menu this week?


  1. ooo creepy! I hate it when you get bugs in the rice. One reason I won't use brown rice and we don't really like the taste.

    1. It's the first time it happened with our brown rice :( We got bugs in pasta before but never in rice.

  2. Your menu looks good for the week. Hubby is headed out of town today, I will be eating leftovers and sharing with a friend all week. NO COOKING

    1. Lucky you (not because your husband will be out of town but because you will have no cooking:)

  3. Sorry about the rice:( Try putting bay leaves in with your grains.

    1. Will that help? Thanks for advice! I'm going to do it now!!

  4. I find it really disappointing when I spend time cooking something and it doesn't taste good. And I'm even more disappointed when I have to throw it out. I'm sorry that that happened to your shells.

    1. I know :( They looked so good too...


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