Friday, March 22, 2013

I became an aunt again!!

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Do you remember the diaper cake I made a few weeks ago for a baby shower? Well, the cute Mommy had a baby!!! The most adorable little guy made his entrance into this world on Wednesday. He's the sweetest little thing. Unfortunately, due to some breathing issues he had to spend a couple of days in the NICU but he's doing much better now and doesn't need the oxygen tube any more. They will keep him for another day but, hopefully, he and his tired parents will be back home tomorrow night.

It's the first baby for my Hubby's brother and his better half, and they are so cute learning the ropes of becoming parents for the first time :)

I finally finished a couple of gifts I was working on for the new Mom and the little one (it took me a lot longer then I thought it would...). First, I wanted to make them a really soft big blanket:

 photo a50457f1-5eb9-41c1-993c-f6ff4e5ae2d4_zps4822afa5.jpg

It took me forever but I like how it turned out. It's so soft!! They have wooden floors and no rugs pretty much everywhere in the house, and I wanted this blanket to be big enough to spread on the floor and let the baby play and roll around. I got all the fabrics at Joann's (using 50% coupons)

I also made her a bunch of burp cloths:

 photo 088b9215-c496-4ca1-b21e-bcd418deb7b0_zps82aff8ea.jpg

These are huge! When I had my first, somebody gave me a pack of these gigantic burp cloths. I don't remember the name of the brand, but those were the ones that can also be used as cloth diapers. I absolutely loved them because they provided perfect "protection" :) So I made these ones big too. I just love these fun bright colors. Mom's milk hasn't come in yet but she'll definitely find them useful in a day or two :)

Debby and Carla, you can be proud of me :) I'm learning from the best :)

This adorable little one really makes me baby-hungry :)) And I didn't even have a chance to hold him yet (because he's in the NICU) but I can't wait!!

Congratulations again to the new Mommy and Daddy!!


  1. Congratulations on being an Auntie. Yhe blanket and burp clothes are lovely.

  2. Thats wondeful! congrats to the new addition! The blankets look amazing!

  3. Beautiful gifts. The last two nights I have dreamed that I was pregnant, I must be stressed! LOL

    1. That's got to be stress :) Or a sign :)

  4. I am PROUD of you; you are so sweet & talented Lena. Fantastic Job ! xx Debby & Carla are going to be so excited to see how well you made these sweet gifts for that new baby boy.

  5. I loved the big cloth diapers for burpcloths. They became my kids 'security' blankets and even after I was done nursing them, they still slept with them. I actually have one kid who still sleeps with them. I also bought cute ribbon and sewed it on one edge of them so that we knew whose burpcloth was whose. And I gave them to my sisters as gifts too.

  6. What a good auntie you are making those lovely things. Congratulations on the addition to your extended family. Cheers

  7. Someone gave me cloth diapers to be used for burp cloths and they were wonderful. After two kids got done with them, they made wonderful cleaning rags. I hope your nephew is home by now and all is well. Congratulations.


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