Monday, May 13, 2013

Food waste and a menu, week 5/13-5/20.

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It was 93 degrees outside today!!! I AM HOT! And not in a good, sexy kind of way...We are so not ready to turn on the air conditioning. We have a swamp cooler so it's not just a push-that-button kind of thing (or I would push it a half a million times today!) We've had fans on all day but I don't feel like they are doing anything. I usually don't mind hot weather (well, not too much) but not when it goes from snow to this in one week!! I always wonder how people with certain health condition survive such temperature swings...It should get into low 70s by weekend, and I'm ready for it!

It wasn't a very good week when it comes to food waste either. This poor avocado just never got used. I wanted to add it to a salad and, honestly, just totally forgot about it:

 photo avocado_zps2a9a87fa.jpg

But what's worse is this salmon:

 photo fish_zps176ed047.jpg

Yeah, it doesn't look very appetizing because we simply forgot it in the microwave :( We were finishing up some leftovers, and after reheating, we ate some and forgot about these two pieces. It really brakes my frugal heart :( I found it the next day...oh, well...

And this week I will try to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen until it cools down outside a bit. So this is what ( I think) we are eating but it's not set in stone yet:

Mon.- fettuccine alfredo, salad, smoothie
Tues.- Italian chicken in a crock pot, rice from a freezer, steamed broccoli
Wed.- slow cooker pork ribs, baked potatoes, corn
Thurs.- turkey stuffed peppers
Fr.- grilled chicken and zucchini (these are the best!!)
Sat.- leftovers
Sun. - some sort of a soup (it should get cooler by then :)

What's on your menu this list? And how's the weather on your side of the world? :)


  1. Snow to 93! Good luck cooling off.

  2. Ha ha - we had fettucine alfredo last night too.

  3. We have been doing good with not wasting too much food lately. Still room for improvement with us though!

  4. Hi Lena! I'm enjoying looking over your blog. I'm sorry your mom is so far away. I was far away (but probably not as far) from my mom when I first got married.

    I really feel bad over waste too! I can think of several wasteful (expensive, which makes it worse) foods I can't get out of my mind! Avocados are hard to use up here, and I just had leftover salmon too..I just had it cold...but I've had moments where I left things in the microwave overnight too!

    But last night I was proud to make a white sauce and crumble in leftover hamburgers from the grill in and serve over toast.

    I have a low thyroid...maybe in the future yours will show up on testing. Mine started when I turned 38. But I was lazy and didn't go to the dr. until several years after when the symptoms got real bad. (And after gaining weight, unfortunately).

    I look forward to getting food tips from you, as I know if I could cut down on waste, I could save money on my food budget which is out of control. Also...those canned goods you got from that yard sale...amazing! Why would anybody throw that out?! But maybe a gift from God to you! :)

  5. Awww - sad day for the avocado and salmon... =( But your menu looks great for next week! I'd love for you to share it tomorrow night at our Pinterest Power Party!

    Happy Tuesday, dear!

  6. We eat avocados almost every day, and hate to throw them away, but I don't think theirs a solution to keeping them fresh! And salmon is another one that just doesn't taste great the next day. I hate wasting food too, and I'm not even that frugal.

  7. The elementary school called today, my youngest has the flu. I attribute it to the up and down weather. We went from winter to summer temps, back to cold again. It's crazy. And half of my pretty posies croaked. Phft

  8. stay cool :) the salmon really looked sad in that picture...


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