Sunday, February 23, 2014

What really, truly inspires you...

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Today I was on a self-imposed mission... to find signs of spring. We had such a beautiful day today with temperatures in low sixties, so I just couldn't stay inside. So I put on my spring-y shoes:

 photo IMG_0810-1_zpse55193a2.jpg

And went on a mission.. I slowed down and observed the birds that are coming back and starting their spring courtship games (not in this picture. I guess, every creature deserves their privacy, right :)

 photo IMG_0812_zps0eda6a81.jpg

The sun shining brightly on top of the trees:

 photo IMG_0819_zps22d9edce.jpg

Or something I could never imagine to see in February:

 photo IMG_0831-1_zpsae270b2a.jpg

And even crazier - the first strawberry leaves...insane!!

 photo IMG_0818-1_zps6df6dfb2.jpg

Today I wanted to slow down and notice the beauty around me. Why? Well, this afternoon I met an amazing, inspiring woman. She and her husband came to pick up our old futon from the "dreadful room". While the men were working, we talked. And talked, and talked... Have you ever had an instant connection with somebody? This was mine. Two years ago she was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. She's been traveling to a different state for treatment every three weeks for many months. And she told me how grateful she is for every single day that she has with her loved ones. This couple had a little boy with them. Watching him play happily and rambunctiously with my two guys made my heart ache...

Sometimes we are so immersed into struggles of every day life that we forget what life is really all about... Day after day passes by, and we are too busy to slow down.  And than life just stops in it's tracks... Tomorrow I'll think of the budgets and money, and jobs, and stuff. Today it's about what matters most, and what I'm truly and eternally thankful for:

 photo IMG_0808_zpsbbaf7eea.jpg

And how was your day today?


  1. Sometimes we just need perspective, don't we? We all think that our lives are so difficult and they are, but we also have so much to be thankful for. Thanks for the signs of spring, I can't wait to see the awful room redesign.

  2. Love the spring shoes. I keep looking for something similar but not had much luck so far. Looks like you live in a lovely area if that last picture is anything to go by.

  3. Early 60's? Green strawberry plant? Wow! We don't gave anything like that but I would gladly take it. I guess it would help all of us to have a conversation like that to put the important things into focus.

  4. What a beautiful post! Indeed, Spring is trying to beat the groundhog and come out. There are tons of birds everywhere. We also had high 50's low 60's weather, and it was just hard to stay inside with the windows closed! But we're getting supposed snow again this week on Wed, so I feel sorry for the Spring. Fight as it may, winter just isn't ready to give up for another few weeks.

  5. I do enjoy just everyday normal days so much,today has been a good one. I am taking care of my 11month old grandson, he has taken 2 good naps and I did housework while he slept. Supper will be some good weekend leftovers.
    Hope you get your horrible room in shape soon and easy:)

  6. Oh Lena how I envy your green sprouts! Ours are still buried under 2 feet of snow! We do certainly need to be thankful for each and every day. Some days it's hard to do so but there are always people worse off than ourselves and there is always something to be thankful for, even on our worst days.

  7. What a wonderful post Lena~ You are so a friend of mine was told her cancer is back...and she said to me that she is going to enjoy everyday, until they are gone. Lynn

  8. I too envy your green sprouts, still have a pile of snow around here.


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