Sunday, July 6, 2014


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Hello, hello, my lovelies!

How was your weekend? How was the 4th of July for all of you, my American friends?

It was/is HOT in here. For the past few days it's been in triple digits and I'm dying... And there is no relief in the forecast.  Seriously, the most "cool down" we will get is 93F on Thursday. And no rain anywhere in proximity... I really miss me some ocean breeze right now...

I've been so useless in the past few days, it's not even funny... Just vegetating on the couch working most of the time (don't count the Christmas jam spree. It was spur of the moment craziness...) And cooking... I hate cooking! Luckily, my FIL took us out yesterday and we got plenty of leftovers for today too. But we might stick to salads and watermelon from now on...

Somebody actually told me today that I'm probably feeling hot for three(yeah, not that hot, darn!). Didn't know the thing like this existed but hey, it makes total sense... After all, I am working on our "six pack" here...:) Blah... Honestly, if we didn't think of moving in a few years, central air would be our next big purchase... Swamp coolers just don't cut it in this heat. Nor do half a dozen other fans that are eating electricity in our house right now...

OK, I'm gonna soak myself with a garden hose, I think...

How's the weather on your side of the world?


  1. Oh poor you I do sympathise. I could not cope with that kind of heat. I start struggling with the heat at around 25C, I think that is around 77F, here in the UK. We are going to Jamaica for a wedding in August and they recon it will be around 30C (too too hot)

  2. We are having a couple of days of severe storms... I just woke up cause I thought I heard a train going through my bedroom! Hope you find done relief from the heat soon!!

  3. Bless your heart, I understand HOT!! :) This is the time of the year in the south that we just stay in unless it involves the lake, beach, or pool. It's just too stinkin hot

  4. I almost feel ya, girl! It's been in the upper 90s here and we don't have air either... I'm cookin all evening! I'd send a hug but it's just too hot for that!! Haha! Stay cool!!



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