Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Food waste and a menu, week 9/1-9/7.

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Good morning, my friends! How was your Labor Day weekend? Lots of labor or lots of fun? :) Ours was a true "labor day" - busy and sweaty :) But we caught up on a few things that needed to be done and it feels good.

I also seriously tackled our deep freezer. And hence some unfortunate food waste:

 photo IMG_1438_zpsf16b7d8b.jpg

I really dislike greasy, nasty sausage links, my man loves them. But with his stomach issues, it wasn't something he could eat for a while. And honestly, I don't even remember when we got those sausages but they expired forever ago... sad... but I'm not buying them again. Yuck! I'm a bacon girl through and through, lol:) And the strawberries were an unfortunate buy from Walmart. I salvaged what I could in a smoothie but the rest went bad within just a couple of days.

And again, our menu has a ton of things from the freezer included. I really want to avoid any more food waste. So this week we are eating:

Mon.- turkey chili, corn bread, ice-cream for dessert
Tues.-baked salmon, rice, steamed spinach, green beans
Wed. - sticky drumsticks, leftover rice, stewed cabbage
Thurs. - baked ham, smashed potatoes, baked beans, salad
Fr.- leftovers
Sat.- breakfast for dinner with leftover ham, eggs and waffles
Sun.- homemade pizza night

And what are you eating this week??


  1. Yummy menu plan Lena! I love breakfast for dinner nights!

  2. When the weather gets a little cooler and the cabbage is in, I am going to make that stewed cabbage. IT sounds delicious!

  3. I get so mad at myself when I waste food. Part of it is my being forgetful. Last night I set out a mystery bag from the freezer. I thought I'd be able to tell what it was when it thawed. Then I forgot about it and went to bed. Grrr.

    My freezer is a disaster and I've been working on it this week. Bags of stuff stacked on freezer shelves tend to slide off when I open the door, so I bought some plastic baskets.

    Your sausages may be ok even if they are past the expiration date. I used to have a website saved that showed how far past an expiration date food can really go, and it was far with freezer food. As long as it doesn't have severe freezer burn I think.

  4. Hi Lena, My hubby loves those type of sausages too, I don't buy them because I'm not sure what's even in them! I'm with you, Bacon all the way! I was hoping you'd see my post on Russian Banana Fingerling Potatoes:) I knew you'd be the one who would know if they had them in Russia or not:) Glad to hear things are going well with you....are you having help with the babies when you get home? Have a great week, Lynn


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